Maximum Transmit Power with mMIMO

Do You have 4 cells of 15 MHz per sector?



Why not 3 of 20 Mhz?
Less control channels…

This is another question…better I have 4 beams.
Only one carrier with 15 MHz.
Huawei created 4 cells (beams) per sector.

Why don’t you use power calculator tool in OMSTAR, for ease?

Hi @AhmedKenzy, I don’t have OMSTAR.

In TDD site we use AAU with 200W 64T64R - 1 cell per sector.
It’s correct, Huawei set 200 / 64 = 3.125 W.

I am using same AAU model, but with carrier 20 MHz.

Radiating power of one antenna element has nothing to do with RS power.
RS power is given by power of RRU, by bandwidth and by MIMO mode of the cell (number of antenna ports).

How many cells per sector?

Each sector 4 beams * 3 = 12 logical cell in case your software R15.1.
If you are using R13.1 only 2 beam per sector, so total will be 6 logical cell.

I have 12 logical cells.

Since I have 2 carrier FDD 20 MHz + 20 MHz so i configured 24 cells and the power 37.4.
Each carrier 12 cells.

In this AUU with 2 Carriers max is 2.5 W per PA (32T).

Do you have AAU pwer calculater tool?

I’ve a AAU Sheet, not a Calculator.
But it’s easy: 160 / 32 PA = 5 W per PA.

It’s recommended to use Huawei AAU Calculator.


You’re talking about B3 AAU, for my side B7 AAU but same model.

Could you please show me my results?
15 MHz, Pa = -4.77 and PB = 1 the same AAU.
1 Carrier, 4 Beams.
RS = 9.7 dBm.

You have 2 types of setting:

Solution 1:

You can increase your RS up to 14.2.


Or use this setting I recommeded to improve your throughput.
Do your RS as 9.5 dBm.
And your Pa = 0.
Meaning better power for PDSCH.
Since you have 1 carrier only.

How does it show 35.2 dBm in DSP CELL?

That is not the RS power, it is the Maximum Transmit power.