LTE X2 Handover failure reason cause handover-target-not-allowed

Hi Experts.

Does any one can explain the further drill down of the LTE X2 Handover failure reason cause handover-target-not-allowed?

Vendor Huawei

Maybe for some visited users, some TACs aren’t allowed and after HO to restricted TACs, HO will reject by this cause.

So you mean to say that rejection totally based on Core end, not Radio end?

I have checked 3GPP documents but just found this thing Handover Target not Allowed Handover to the indicated target cell is not allowed for the UE in question.

Yes usually it’s based on Core.

If target cell doesn’t support the service like ENDC or VoLTE, you may get this message.

ENDC is not available, and target all cells supporting VoLTE and working fine, 95% failures seen on QCI9.