LTE maximum MIMO layers in Uplink

Hi Experts.

In LTE what is the maximum MIMO layers in Uplink you have encountered?
Is it still 1?
Or it is 2 or 4?

I find we can have 4x4 in LTE TM mode 2 in Uplink.

Do you mean live or specs?
Live none.
Specs I think allow upto 4x4.

Most vendors dropped 2x2 UL MIMO as none see this as a major feature demanded by Operators worldwide.

So it is still 1 layer in Uplink in LTE?

I know that for NR it is 2 layers in Uplink in SA, but very few phones support it.

Does UE indicates to network in UE capability info it support 2x2 or 4x4 in Uplink?

Yes it does.

Yes, correct.

Please tell which IE there.

For DL it is this one:

But for UL not sure.
I do not have logs from a smart UE that supports 2 layers in UL for 5G SA

Yes, DL is fine.
Question now how to check UL part…

As I know, Uplink doesn’t support 4×4.
For Uplink, modulation can be 64 QAM and at release 14, 256 QAM, and 2CA for Uplink.

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I assume it will be in same picture above if UE supports it!

Yes, correct.

Yes it will be same only and it will be shown explicitly as highlighted.

Can anyone tell me a single UE that supports 2x2 MIMO in UL? In LTE?
I guess there is none.

I agree that in theory it is possible (even 4x4) but my question was about real life.

Yes. Even I never seen.

Yes, at real seems there is no any UE which supports 4×4 for Uplink.

Not even 2x2 is not available in UL, let alone 4x4 in UL.

256 QAM in UL:

Uplink CA:

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Uplink CA is different.
You can check from CA bandwidth class UL.