Is it possible to deploy FR1 and FR2 on same gNB?

Hi Experts,
Is it possible to deploy FR1 and FR2 on same gNB?

Not possible yet @ankgitm.
Both should be different.

Ok. it means we don’t have CA between FR1 and FR2 carriers yet.

Any chipset support yet?

QC support.

Still not possible.

We have…!
I mean at least the UE supports it.
Since I don’t work.with real network, not sure about deployment.

But in different ranges?
We have within the same range.

Then it’s on same gNB.

UE supports, yes.

I’m working with real, it’s not possible.

UE can support if within the same range, Yes.
But for the question that is asked, there’s no possibility.

Ok, so it mean network not ready for CA between FR1 and FR2 but UE support it.

As far as when I’m encountering Yes.
Theoretically there is possibility, but in practice not.

What is meant by same range?

Just one deployment at the same time mean FR1 or FR2. Not both.
Even I don’t think that there are UEs that support both.

UE FR1+FR2 tested with a simulated network, so I would say UE supports, yes.

What is CA in SA as of now?
If we aggregate carriers of FR1 or carriers of FR2 then is it called CA?
If we add carriers of FR1 and FR2 is it called NR-DC?
If we aggregate carriers of FR1 and FR2 considering both on same gNB then is it called CA between FR1 and FR2?

DC always mean between different node.
I’m putting here point wise to change understanding if needed.

Ok. Isn’t CA supported between different gNBs?

If it’s supported in LTE for NR, I’m not sure.
We have CA over X2 feature in 'LTE.
For NR whether CA work between carriers of different gNB I’m having no idea.

Working guys can comment…

Okay. I don’t remember reading any such limitation though.