Improve ENDC drop

My question for Ericsson 5G Experts.
Does we have any optimization mechanism, timer, parameter, system constant, etc to improve ENDC drop?

In my Ericsson system, most all drops are accounted on counter AbnormalMeNBAct. (pmEndcRelUeAbnormalMenbAct).

Neglect counter AbnormalMenb now because its here 21.1 release.
If you expert then you should know why to neglect him?

Hi 5G Experts,
Does anybody have case study that improve ENDC drops after optimization except overshooting, power. I see after NR addition, particular cell increase ENDC drop or sometime whole site.
Any introduced new timer for ENDC?

You can check t310 timer value, max rlc retx threshold value as these can lead to RLF at NR cell and leads to drop of NR leg connection.

Thanks, these are optimized at 1 sec, dl/ul retx 16/32.
Anything new to try?

Max it max t32.
How many cells impacted or its single cell only?

It’s rollout, so random… some times cell or full node as well.

Hope so a2basedsgnb release not turn on.
Other reason I seen predominantly is UE lost counter increase.
Which in my case is due to wrong value of nrarfcn configured at LTE end I’m finding after sgnb addition immediately connection getting drop.

I don’t think so, but will check. :+1:

Yes, please check. Is it Nokia or other system?

Ericsson system.

This I have checked, it’s fine.

I observed due to missing x2 or NR to NR NBR also cause this…
In few cases I also found that RACH of that cell was really poor so once RACH improved then drop also.

Also need to check if LTE drop rate/overshooting…
Mine is Nokia system.