How to check if a 5G log is DSS or not?

Hi 5G Experts,
Question: how do I verify if a 5G log is DSS or not?
What RRC layer 3 messages do I need to check?

From LTE only UE log or ENDC UE log?

EN-DC UE log.
Is it “lte-CRS-ToMatchAround:setup” to be present in NR RadioBearerConfig in case of DSS=true?

I think this is it.

Yes and also mbsfn subframe configuration.

Check Sib2 & rrcConnectionReconfiguration message, you will get this.

Though it is not mandatory, most of DSS implementer would use it.

There are three different DSS use cases:

  1. NR is in MBSFN
  2. NR is in MBSFN
    a. Subframes without PSS/SSS/PBCH
    b. Subframes with PSS/SSS/PBCH (0 and 5)

SIB2 in LTE you mean?

And SCellToAddMod IE in RRCconnectionreconfiguration message before this check UE capability to verify UE supports ESS or not.

Case 2b cannot be used.

This IE is for CA.

Yes, normal.

Another IE that indicates that DSS=true is presence of “frequencyShift7p5KHz” in the NR messages.

Yes but its not mandatory for all NR bands right.

DSS is well explained in “5G in Bullets”, starting page 574.