How to calculate THROUGHPUT in 5g

What is formula used for calculations of 5g THROUGHPUT and how calculations using bandwidth, frequency, MIMO, mcs,modulation etc…


If we know that for 0.5 ms we can transmit 84 symbols (12 Carriers7 symb) and for each symbol, we transmit number of bits depending of modulation for example in QAM-64, we have 6 bits per symbole and with MIMO, if we use 22 to compute the capacity, it would be better to take an example: One actor deploye 20 MHz as BW (the RB=100), use modulation QAM-64 and MIMO 2*2:

C= 21008426*1000 (bit/s)

Also, it’s important to note that this throughput is shared between users.

You can also check the calculator in our Resources Page:

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Ok thanks can u get me the formula… whether you are talking 4g since its 12 carriers and 7 symbols

Thanks for the tools can I get the formula for that tools

Dear Brother,
Hope this will hep you. We can Calculate 5G throughput in 2 ways.
One way is the below

In other way is:-

Hope this will be helpful for you to understand in a simple way.
You can “Calculate Throughput as per your requirements or values for QAM, CARRIERs, LAYERs and Numerology(based on BW, RBs specified in the table)”. :slight_smile:


Checkout this video for throughput calculation


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