How to attach only on SA Mode?

Hi Experts.

For SA+NSA setup we are observing LTE Messages on the UE side, although preferred RAT kept as NR only mode.

Also, there is extra Msg from LTE side for TAC.

How we can proceed so that we can attach only on SA Mode other than ENDC flag disable method?

What do you mean by SA + NSA?

What is the Core network?
How is this setup created?
Either UE connecting to spcell of MRDC or with SA.

Unable to understand setup.

It’s a hybrid setup (NSA+SA) where common build is created for both RAT and We are connecting CPE device in SA mode and trying to do attach.

But when we are trying to attach it is connected to LTE instead of NR only even though priority is set as NR mode only in UE side.

We are checking at network side configuration of MRDC flag whether true/false.

Just want to know if there is anything which need to be check other than this parameter.

Our requirement is CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) needs to attach in SA only mode.

Which NSA option are you using?

ENDC, NEDC? Or any other?

ENDC only.

I am facing same issue.