How many (maximum number of) Users can be simultaneously active in a LTE cell/eNodeB?

Hi all,

I would like to know how many users can be concurrently active in a LTE cell.

I know it depends on several factors (bandwidth, hardware…). Is there also a vendor dependency on this value?

So, what would be the maximum number of concurrent (simultaneous) users - practical and theoretical value - that we can have, considering the main possible scenarios/factors?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello @adalbertotelecom

You are right, there is a lot of variables that affects the number of users. It will depend on the vendor implementation, memory and processing allocated, numbers of active bearers, etc.

The maximum number of users is a function of available resource blocks, but if we consider schedule for transmission, the number of active users in RRC connected state is higher.

A practical number most engineers use is about 100 users per cell.


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we know as user number increases as user speed decreases
but there is limitation in hardware resources like CE , power , and other resources

in 3G DO for example the first shortage can you face is CE at almost 50 user\cell

if vendor increases number of CE we will face the second shortage in MAC at 110 user\cell

but in LTE we don’t know which kind of resources is the first shortage