How many LTE carriers can be considered in Dual Connectivity with a single NR carrier in EN-DC configuration?

Hi All,
I have a question regarding EN-DC configuration.
How many LTE carriers can be considered in Dual Connectivity with a single NR carrier in EN-DC configuration?

I think only 1.
This is the reason why LTE + NR throughput is sometime lower than LTE + 4CA throughput.

So if I am considering 2 different LTE carriers with same priority with a single NR, than is this configuration wrong?

Seen only 1 as anchor.

What I am saying is that you can not have CA in LTE + NR.
Either CA in LTE or NR.
You can not have both.

EN-DC can happen between 1 LTE carrier and 1 NR carrier only.
But depend upon UE capability and network support, LTE Pcell can add LTE SCells, and NR PSCell can add NR Scells.
Theorotically there can be multiple LTE cells and NR cells UE might be downloading from.

EN-DC we have MCG ( master cell group ) + SCG (second cell group): I think group mean can have multi cells.

I am not assuming CA.
I am just considering independent multiple LTE carriers with a single NR.
Is that a valid case for EN-DC?

There is no such limitation i guess. It’s all about UE capability and network support.

That’s what my understanding too.

CA can keep running within LTE and within NR, and EN-DC will keep running between 1 LTE (PCell) and 1 NR (PScell).
This is provision in theory.

I have not seen CA in LTE for NR UE logs.

You mean can there be multiple anchors in LTE, right?
I think it is possible.

Okay, so they have to with same priority or should have different priority?

Second, if I consider multiple LTE anchors carriers along with a single NR carrier in EN-DC configuration than how throughput will be considered?
Will it be sum of all LTE anchor carrier along with NR carrier throughput OR will it be sum of highest throughput of LTE carrier plus NR carrier throughput?

Are you saying symultaneous 2 anchors? No, that is not possible.

What i mean is 2 carriers can be anchors. UE latch on F1 anchor can use F1 + NR and UE latch on F2 can use F2 + NR.

F1 + F2 + NR is also possible but in that case anchor will be F1 or F2.

In very simple words, UE can be attached to only 1 PCell in EN-DC/LTE.

Sorry it was a silly question…I have the same understanding that you (thats was just to confirm). :wink:

Can you confirm this as well?
Will all the LTE anchors have different priority or they need to have same priority?

Which priority you are talking about?
If you mean idle mode reselection priority, then there is no such rule.
You can keep whatever you want.

Thanks. :wink: