How does UE select a particular PLMN selection in 5G?

How do UE select a particular PLMN selection in 5G?

Also, can anyone tell me how PLMN selection and Cell selection differs in RRC?

If it for ENDC case then it happen at 4G end.
If for 5G SA case then after ssb sync, SIB reading it will go for cell selection with Hplmn, eplmn list.

Also note that PLMN list is built in Sim card with list of priorities and even blacklisted PLMNs.
Mobile sends request based on this list and NW authenticates (Attach accept).

PLMN selection follows SIM EF priorities from EF_xPLMN where x can be EH/OP/UP Equivalent Home, Operator Preferred, User Preferred with respective RAT priorities in EF_xPLMNwact files.
Cell Selection is performed after PLMN selection, depending upon Cell Selection criteria.

Sequence after UE power on .

  1. PSS/SSS sync
  2. MIB/SIB reading
  3. PLMN selection
  4. Cell selection
  5. RACH procedure
  6. RRC phase
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OK. For 5G NR also is the same, right?

Yes, correct.