How do I know if that UE is able to do 5G SA in specific bands?

Hello 5G Experts.
I have a UE log with 5G NSA.
How do I know if that UE is able to do 5G SA in specific bands?

One option would be to check if it supports VoNR.
Then it would definitely be a 5G SA phone.
Yet there are mobiles that are not VoNR capable but still are SA capable.

My guess:
ENDC supported bands will be under rf-parametereMRDC.
SA supported bands will be under channelBWs-DL-v1530.

It doesn’t work.
I have UE capability of one plus 5G that is able to handle 5G VoNR so is SA capable.
But the info you mentioned channelBWs-DL-v1530 is not present in UE capability.
My inquiry is how do I check for another phone.
This one plus 5G I know is able to do VoNR so is SA capable.

I have only this per band regarding supported BW:


This is what I meant by channel-BWs-v1530.
Facts you have this means, phone is SA capable.

Check whether UE reported UE capability for NR only.

But this is what network asks.
I just have NSA logs of that UE.

If UE have reported UE capability for Eutra-nr then UE is not supporting SA.

UE reports what network asks.
I have an nsa log of that UE.
Of course network will not ask NR only capabilities in that log.

You can check preferred network type in UE.
If there NR or 5G only option present then it may support SA.

You can check UE capability info for eutra there you can see NR SA bands.
You can check 36.331 for particular IE related to NR SA.

But @RFSpecialist, even eNB is only EN_DC capable, I saw that eNb still asking NR capability.


If supportedBandListNR is there in UE capability-> UE support SA for those band.

If only rf-ParametersMRDC is there, and not supportedBandListNR, the UE support NSA only between LTE and NR, SA not supported here.

UE capability enquiry it may ask to UE ie NR config.

Yes, correct.

Thanks @sadanandk2 , I will check this.

Does this UE support SRB 3 or not?

It definitely supports SA:


No SRB3 information in UE capability so I guess it does not support it.