How can I export Cells configuration data (all parameters) in LTE?


If I do not have OMSTAR (from Huawei), How can I export Cells configuration data (all parameters) in LTE?

Any idea how to do it from U2020?

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If my memory is right, it should be under “NE Configuration”.

You will select all the object, then export.

Yes, NE Backup this way needs OMSTAR.

Is there a way to export the configuration as Excel directly? (Using U2020)?


The best way (and the one I use) is to get all NE Backup.

NE Backup are scheduled in U2020 to be generate in a daily base.

All files from OSS are generated in folders. You can simply point to the folder and get all files, vis ftp /sfpt to download. It can be done either manually or automatically, for example using Python (How to use FTP in Python -

Next, you simply process those raw files (in Huawei I process GExport - NE Backup - files). For example, using Boda: Boda - Huawei CM Data (Dump)

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Boda and Hunter are both open source, and free to use.

Like in our solution for Huawei, we have all files exported as CSV files. And we store it in SSD (solid-state drive,) the new generation of storage device, that are extremely fast.

Then we use Python Scripts to manipulate all data (in SSD “data lake”).

We have some predefined reports, generated by Python manipulation, like Hunter Key Parameters.

Hunter Key Parameters gives you a list of ALL cells from your network including the most important (“key”) parameters like cellid, bandwidth, downlink frequency, tac etc.

We currently use Boda to process Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and ZTE, besides Huawei.

We keep continuously evolving the solution (with this disruptive new approach of using Python to manipulate CSV in SSDs) since Boda Community project stoped years ago.

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BODA project was in Python also?
Is it special case which depend on your network topology?
So how?

Boda is widely used, by almost all telecom freelancer professional.
And also by many professionals, even from companies like Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia.
They like to use it because of the flexibility and speed they get to process raw files into CSV. Then, they use as they need/want.

We also (me and a group of friends) kept evolving, a now solution, based on Boda too.
The only difference is that we’re more focused on the same evolution - that can benefit them all.

In short, the solution (Boda, Hunter) uses Python too. :wink:

The exported network data are an amazing source of information. But most of people use it only partially, and not with all the power they can have, for example generating automatic baselines.

Not an special case. It is indeed, a multi-rat, multi-vendor, multi-technology solution, putting together all the best experts (telecom experts, programmers experts) building a solution - using open source Boda - to benefit them all.

I agree, this is the best solution ever.

People keep paying millions for proprietary tools every year, and those tools don’t even get closer to what you can do with Boda/Hunter. Not to mention Boda/Hunter is free. And flexible. It’s the future.

  • :thinking:
    Why to pay for commercial tools (CM/PM/FM/Geo commercial tools) if have one FREE and OPEN SOURCE? And with community support? Plus: and you do not get dependent/stuck of the tool seller?

We Boda as base, to process all raw files (Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia), and csv are stored in SSDs.
We use Python to create reports (basically loop through the files, and get the useful info).

We can think of this as Boda “extra” reports

By manipulating all MOs and Parameters, you can have total control of the network - something not easy to get not even with the most powerful (and expensive) commercial tool. :smiley:

Think this way: it’s expensive to buy Hardware, and Servers and Database license. But it’s cheap to buy SSD! And SSD are the future! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Solution is amazing, no doubt. All the new “exclusive” algorithms in Python, being enhanced and new ones developed each day make it extraordinary!

It doesn’t matter you Network Vendor (Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE etc.), or your RAT (2G, 3G, 4G, 4G, 5G, Iot etc), and not even the RAN release - it’s worth to use Boda/Hunter solution. :clap:

I approve.

Very interesting solution!

Very very interesting…

I am receiving a lot of messages (in WhatsApp).

Maybe that was the reason we did not have alot of “collaboration” in the past.

So, we’re opening it again, for new users, who really want to participate in this new solution project.

But this time, all messages will be concentrated only here, in our community.

If you want to be part of this, please inform us, and i will contact you, and add you to the development group. (Note: don’t worry, it’s also FREE)

We are going to restart this project.