For FR1+FR2 how will UE add FR2 in NR-DC?

Hi Experts.

For NR-DC I have 1 query:

For FR1+FR2 how will UE add FR2 in NR-DC?
Is it with help of RRC reconfiguration message or other procedure?

I have never checked NR-DC.

But regarding NR-DC addition, I don’t think there is any other way than RRC reconfiguration.
So yes, any control plane signalling require RRC reconfiguration.

A4 event will trigger the nrdc and FR2 is added by RRC reconfiguration message.

I didn’t seen any A4 event in logs, please help to tell what role of A4 event in NR-DC?
Is it trigger if neighbour cell better then predefined offset?
Is it like whenever FR2 cell better then A4 trigger leads to NR-DC?

Can we have FR2 + FR1 as well in NR-DC?

Yes, CA in EN-DC between FR1 and FR2 see mediatek results here: