Event to check Scell

With which event can we check an Scell going bad and remove it?
Does A2 help here?

Check event A6.

But I don’t want to measure it against a neighbour cell.
I just want to see if it goes below a power level.

Then u have to check A2 threshold.

EVENT_A2: Serving Cell becomes worse than absolute threshold.(Poor Radio condition)

But can Scell be considered as Serving cell in case of A2?

Yes Pcell and SCCx belongs to serving cells for CA.

In any telecom technology ( 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G ), mobility (handover) decision whether mobile device will be handover or not is taken by by base station based on measurement reports from the mobile device. There are multiple measurement items ( RSRP, RSRQ, SINR ) and multiple ways ( periodic , event triggered ) to measure the signal quality of the serving cell and neighbor cells.

Here you can find more details about these measurements events:

Carrier agg A2 and A4 RSRP is for PCC and A6 both SCC that why in CA A2 value RSRP is kept less than A4.
So that CA sustains, but primary cell utilization will go high.
As A2 RSRP goes beyond that in carrier agg, carrier agg goes again it has to satisfy buffer threshold to come back.
For CA mobiles LTE.
A4 for SCC.

So does that mean Scell dont use A2.

No, A2 is for PCC event.

In high DL utilization above 70 to 80 percent CA is ignored too for that cell or carrier.
CA is kept off for throughput enhancement as PCell does scheduling part also.
Not a good solution, a temporary one.

So we don’t have any option to independently trigger an Event for when Scell goes below a threshold?
It can only be compared to a neighbour to trigger an event A6?

Yes. A2 event can be used for 2 purposes. To activate interfreq measirement (A2 for pcell) and for scell release ( A2 for Scell).
We use A2 event for Scell release in our network.

Is it?
You mean if I just give freq of SCell in measObjectNR and trigger A2, it shoul work?

Yes it does. At least it’s working for 4G.

Okay. My case is NR, but I will try this.

While configuring A2 do you have facility to configure purpose of that event?

Not really, I am not using a Live network, It is simulator, can only use ASN messages.

Yes you can configure for NR release (Both DL and UL) or Just Release UL only and Switch UL to LTE.
But these needs to be defined from NW, UE will be configured with two A2 events with different thresholds, UE will not know which threshold will be used for which condition.

How A2 used for SCell?
@parkarnadeem86, is it possible to use A4 for SCell?
As I know, only A6 is used for SCell change…

Hello All:
I did try configuring event A2 for Scell, but it doesn’t seem to work.