ENDC: UE behaviour for data inactivity timer expire for NR cell

Hello Experts.
In case of ENDC, if data inactivity timer expire for NR cell then what is UE expected behaviour?

Just release the NR cell or completely move to Idle mode?

UE Inactivity Handling for NSA Mode 3x Operation feature detects UE inactivity on the 5G leg of a dual connectivity connection.
When 5G inactivity is detected, gNB requests the MeNB to release its resources by using an SgNB-initiated SgNB Release procedure.
At the same time MeNB is warned and eNB can also release the UE in case of LTE inactivity.
This provides better resources management and increases UE battery life.
So UE does not move to idle unless LTE inactivity timer expired.