ENDC measurement event to replace the NR cell

In case of ENDC, which measurement event usually n/w configure to replace the NR cell?

Hello @mannu_kumar,
You can check SgNB Modification.
Is to change to an intra-site gNB.
So based on your Nw vendor.
Here am talking about Huawei.
Event A6 —) Neighbor becomes offset better than SCell.
Or the secondary cell in case of NSA.

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In case ENDC, NR cell would not be considered as secondary cell.
What about event A5?

This should work to replace secondary cell in case of CA.

So how can you seen 5G Nr site in DC situation?

Addition of the PSCell, B1.
Handover between PSCells, depends on the vendor, but usually A3 and/or A5.
Some vendors do not implement events whatsoever, so it waits for a RLF on PSCell to remove it, then configure B1 again.

But in this case we saw lot of data stalls with one of canadian carrier and then in last phase they decided to implement A3.
So A2/A3 always good option for HO to avoid data stalls.

No doubt about it!
The problem lies in Ericsson (no events at all) and Nokia (only intra-MeNB), where it is not an option.

Yes, it’s True.

At least it the SW releases I’ve trialed.

Huawei was using A2 from the begging of 5G trial in Canada.