EN-DC LTE schedule across different carriers

Hi experts,

In EN-DC my understanding is that the core network is 4G EPC while we may have lte for access or 5g nr for access. The former for control and the latter for data.

My question is, does that mean UE will receive pdcch from the 4g channels while pdsch from the 5g nr channel? If yes, how does lte schedule across different carriers?

LTE PDCCH will schedule LTE PDSCH and NR PDCCH will schedule NR PDSCH. Cross carrier scheduling is not allowed dual connectivity. Its allowed in carrier aggregation.

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Thank you very much. Then what does it mean that in EN DC we have control and data split?

I don’t understand how is the control data split happening.

No, control only via 4G. Split only on user plane!

@marcengo can you please give me examples of control information that is over 4g lte? Is that the SIB, mib, rrc messages?