Emm poweroff detach timer

Hi Experts,
Someone knows the reason for this timer before detach cause:switch off?

Check this:

Thanks @ran_core_consultant, but doesn’t help. :frowning:
It is not neither one of those.
Maybe is UE faulty and initiate by itself.

Sure. Can you explain scenario please?
From screenshot you sent, my guess is T3421.
But if you can explain which interface is this then may be able to check further.

Looks like Qualcomm QXDM logs with NAS decoding.

In Wireshark?
Looks like a Wireshark trace.
I thought QXDM logs can only be decoded with Qualcomm own SW (QCAT?)

Yes, from QCAT is the log.

Can you make a larger picture?
Not entire message is seen.

Yes, UE establish default bearer and after some time I see that msg with poweroff and after that emm_deregistered_initiated.

Right and you are getting this detach message from the network but you have really detached?
So no detach request actually triggered from device?

But looks like no pdu on the rb config index 2 - - > drb.
I see only on srb pdus.

So scenarios is:
You switch on device, it attaches fine, you can see default bearer created, attached accepted, and then after some time you see detach request with this cause code?

Yes, exactly like that.

Have tested it with different device (with same sim) and different sim (with same device)?

No, that is next step. But I see qci 5 for the bearer.

Thanks, they should correct qci and to try again. If happen again than will try with other device.

Can you try that please?
If different device and same sim has this issue, then problem with IMSI profile in HSS.
If different sim and same device has this issue, then problem with device.
In any case my guess is that wrong cause is mapped on PGW.
So when it receive a cause code from PCRF it maps it to Detach-Switch-off. UE is detached but with wrong code.
Put a trace on MME, SGW or PGW or PCRF (whichever is convenient).
See what message leads to detach. I am guessing PCRF trace will be most useful.

I agree with you but not sure about cause because this msg is from ue chipset.
Ue initiated.

UE is informed why it’s being detached and since its a simple message I am guessing Qualcomm or Qcat aren’t interpreting it wrong.
That is why you have to validate from network as well to see what lead to this message.

Sorry is this UE initiated?

Yes, it is :slightly_smiling_face:

@Spale, is this the same detach issue that you were struggling with after NSA deployment and ESM status in UE is stuck in activate_pending?