DSS utilization per technology

Hi Experts,
Have anyone tested DSS with a single 5G device to see the DSS utilization per technology?

I have a single 5G device to find the DSS utilization, but since the 5G coverage is good enough and since my band is low band (800Mhz) it always uses 5G and not going to 4G to see if the same frequency is used in 4G, Else I would require a SBS testing with one 5G device and 4G device, but that choice I don’t have.

So for DSS identification from the network side, do we have any attributes.
Is the below 2 the correct ones to identify whether DSS is implemented or not ?

dmrs-TypeA-Position pos3,

You could look at PRB utilization for LTE and NR?
That should indicate % of each technology.
If its NSA, LTE should be in constant use for control signaling.

PRB utilization we can get from Network side.
How can we identify from UE side?

I thought your question was for network side.
I got limited knowledge from UE perspective.
But I would imagine you can check % time or % data sent on MCG and SCG.

rateMatching LTE-CRS,
AdditionalDMRS-alt and
Are the one to identify the SS(DSS/ISS/Static) implemented or not.
All the above must be advertise by ENDC capable devices in UE capability information. vendors can activate and deactivate this UE capability check via SCs form both enbs and gnbs.

Once UE handovers or reselects TO ESS cell, UE needs to read sib2 message to get the MBSFN subframeconfig info. this is how UE get the information about spectrum sharing.

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:+1: Llet me see in the logs.

Till now anywhere have we found simultaneous use of same band for 5G and 4G in DSS?

Let’s do this in parts: take a look at Mediatek’s DSS paper, it will help to identify which IEs you may use as reference.

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Part two: you are trying to identify, via UE logs, If your 800MHz carrier, which is your DSS carrier, is working fine with both technologies?

If yes, I can suggest two options for basic verification:

A) Disable 5G in the UE, you will no longer be configured with PSCELL. You will follow regular LMS rules and may camp on LTE 800MHz.

B) Start the test while 5G DSS is configured. Assuming your anchor is on an upper carrier, example, 1800MHz, once you move to far cell scenario, or indoors, your anchor will fade and LTE IFHO from 1800MHz to 800MHz will occur, then you have validated both scenarios, 800MHz as NR and as LTE.

Hope it helps!