DSS Restriction on LTE-NSA Anchor

Gents, do you know why in a DSS scenario 3GPP forbids using the LTE Anchor as the shared carrier? Example, I need the LTE Anchor on B3 and the DSS on B1/n1.

Mutually exclusive for some time…
Anchor is to get ENDC…
DSS is for migrating or sharing large existing LTE carrier to NR in steps.
However frame, per TTI level DSS and anchor band are different.

Sorry, Sir.
Not sure if I followed the logic.
I’m aware how NSA works and the key concepts of DSS, the usage of MBSFN, etc…
However, 3GPP states you cannot user your LTE Anchor as a candidate for DSS.
I’m wondering if there is any coexistence issue related for example, overlapping OFDM symbols between NR PDCCH CORESET and LTE PSS/SSS.
Or if the UE side would have implementation problems to do so… Let’s assume the easiest case of DSS running a purely FDM sharing scenario, meaning you would share PRBs between NR and LTE, not TDM (one TTI for each).

If DSS expected run NR +3G+2G+4G is the question.

Yes Boss, it look like the focus is only NR+4G.