DSS IE configuration

Hello Experts,

Can someone please help me to setting up IE values for testing NSA DSS and SA DSS
i have gone through mediaTek white paper for IE values,But it seems not working for me

MediaTek Paper - Dynamic-Spectrum-Sharing-WhitePaper-PDFDSSWP-031320.pdf (d86o2zu8ugzlg.cloudfront.net)

Would help me a lot if someone can help below queries

1.In media Tek white paper


crrierFreqDL = 636 //
carrierBandwidthDL = n100
MBSFN mbsfn-SubframeConfigList
Configuration Item-0
radioframeAllocationPeriod = n4
radioframeAllocationOffset = 0
fourFrames = ‘110000000000100000000000’B
nrofCRS-Ports = n4
v-Shift =n4

Here i’m not to get for crrierFreqDL which value i should be setting here
is this same as the Dowlink carrier freq used for camping on LTE cell initially?
If so why do we need to mention again about Dlfrequency when configuring MBSFN?

Here i’m not getting how to test SA DSS
whatever i understood is we need to configure NR cell with LTE spectrum
Now i will turn on UE and it will camp on NR
So here i used LTE spectrum and so it is SA DSS
is my understanding correct?

I am not sure what exactly is the question but let me highlight a couple of points
1-UE access the DSS carrier either as an LTE UE or NR UE but not both at same time.
a) If UE camps as LTE, DSS concept is unknown to the UE (to maintain legacy service). The only info is MBSFN config which is standardized in Rel 9.
b) If UE adds DSS as ENDC SCG (I.e. use as NR carrier) , UE must get the LTE info to avoid LTE legacy overhead (which is the IE you are showing). In this case, from carrierFreqDL the NR UE can calculate the lte center frequency as pointA (khz) + 15 x carrierFreqDL
2- In SA, I think this information is in SIB1 but I need to double check

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Hi @Preetam: It should not be an LTE carrier frequency, since in DSS; NR PDSCH is having an overlapping with LTE CRS.

To avoid this interference, 3GPP has mentioned to add this new IE “LTE-CRS-ToMatchAround” wherein carrier frequency DL is calculated to some offset values to the LTE EARFCN considering no. Of CRS ports and cell PCI values.you may refer 3GPP 38.214 for exact details for calculation.

Hope this helps, Thank you.

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Can you give example

Now I have LTE cell with frequency 2593Mhz so by calculation it will be earfcn 40620

So now which value I should fill in carrierFreqDL?

No related to earfcn but related to BW
Assuming pointA is at exact edge of carrier then
carrierFreqDL = 636 or 474 or 312 for BW 20MHz or 15 MHz or 10 MHz respectively

I’m also check this info spCellConfigCommon


But in my UE log I didn’t found this information in RRC connection reconfiguration message.
I’m checking with n71.
I want to know its n71 support DSS ??
Can anyone share me screen shot of DSS Message log .
And for SA mode which message we need to check for DSS ?