Driverless 5G-enabled vehicles. Is it a hype?

Hello Experts,

We are seeing more and more news about driverless 5G-enabled vehicles.

What is your opinion about it?

An example:

This is pointless.
It could have run easily on 4G without any issue.
What’s the case to show-off 5G here?

The high-speed data transfer, low latency and reliability of 5G enables the connected minibus to respond in real time to commands from the control tower.
Low latency is very critical for V2X.
Which LTE cannot fulfill.

I guess first point for 5G is to prove it’s real, alive and well.
It should be more for marketing purposes I guess.

Do you think an autonomous bus needs a latency lower than 100 msec?

Google waymo’s cars have tens of millions of km driven in full autonomous mode without claiming the need for 5G.
Same with tesla cars don’t need 5g at all.

I think it is information from marketing campaigns.

This is a technical forum, of course, but I assume marketing is a key factor on 5G success.
Who needs an iPhone 12? :sweat_smile:

Let’s celebrate 5G and pray consumers can take best advantage of it.
Meanwhile we have jobs !! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here Here :wine_glass:

@RMatolia :rofl::+1:

Well, the 5G hype is serious.
We will see how this will end for end user.

This will end with end user spending more money for things they may not need.
But as someone said above, at least we will keep our jobs for some time. :sunglasses:

End user will buy it, and happy.
It’s a lot on marketing and user “perception”, but perception is highly subjective.
User will be “convinced” it’s better.

Actually is very much different than this.
Users don’t need Gbpsec speeds here and kbpsec there.
They need ubuquitous 15-2o Mbpsec everywhere.
Users don’t care about eMBB, URLLC and mMTC they care about coverage and penetration.
This is still something the MNOs don’t get.

It depends on how fast your vehicle is designed/configured to move .
Lesser the latency faster the vehicle will be able to echo out obstacles and move ahead.

Rafa Nadal and Lê Bron James will use a 5G phone.
People will buy it.

Vendors create a solution for a problem that user didn’t know it had.
This is how apple succeeds.

Actually 5G will help operators solve congestion and low throughput for their existing 4G networks and they expect end users to pay for this solution.
How smart :slight_smile:

Yes, and they will! And happily!

Actually they expect end users to pay extra for 5G when end users don’t need 5G.

Yes, driven by massive marketing.

Apart from South Korea, do you consider 5G a success story in US?
How do you quantify success considering amount of billions spent on spectrum, equipment rollout, phone subsidise, etc?

Not yet, but i’m sure 100% it’ll be, moving the entire market as a whole. yes, users will pay for it… but this is how it works. it’s a brainwashing campaign.
Network vendors are happy, handset industry is happy, operators are happy, and users will pay confident it’s worth it, and they’ll have the impression it did worth it.