Does UE need to make full band search to get SSB location?

Hello Guys.

in 5G NSA , if UE need to make full band search to get SSB location or UE can know exactly what is location for SSB from rrcReconfigMsg that sent by MeNB?

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In NSA UE can know SSB location from information provided in RRC reconfiguration msg.

So UE do not need to make full search for SSB location, right?

But in SA, UE have to full search whole band to get SSB location, right?


In SA Mode GSCN indicates the frequency positions of the SSB

GSCN defined set of allowed center frequencies of SSB. Like 1.2 or 1.4 MHz.

UE need to check these positions during band scan.

And what about NARFCN-method two that is mainly used for NSA?

Is that should take time for UE so can decode SSB or not ?


ARFCN method is used in NSA mode.

See this nice explanation from @MohamedeladawiWhat are the methods used to configure SSB Frequency Location?