Does Samsung S21 Exynos chipset support SA network?

Hi all 5G Experts.

Anyone can inform if Samsung S21 Exynos chipset support SA network?

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It depends on PLMN configuration but overall yes, by S21 FE Exynos already tested.

What do you mean by depend on PLMN?

I’m using G991b exynos phone.

Do the phone hardware support SA?

5G capability whether SA or NSA depends on PLMN which Samsung should activated in software based on operator’s request.


Phone support is not dependant on deployment… SA or NSA.

It basically depend on the generic technology support along with band support.

You can check sites like to see for any handset.

Every operator PLMN (SIM) can be mapped with the support band and ARFCN (defined on device/modem) level.

You can find something like this in gsmarena for any handset.

Samsung, by default, has not enabled yet SA mode for all operators.

Confusion is coming from CACOMBOS also, there are 12 S21 models, if you check 991B, there is no SA Band mentioned.

Whereas for other models SA is mentioned

Only for G996B and G991B SA band is not mentioned

There are so many people that buy their phones aboard.

I don’t remember that they had to approach the vendor and ask support to attach the local NW.

It’s market needs and many phones comes with 5G support and network may not have it.

So later date OEM makes OTA to SW update for 5G support.

It’s normal.

cacombos puts data based on UE capability message and UE capability is different based on firmware and regions.

So maybe for that phone which its query is in CACOMBOS, SA wasn’t activated, by the way S21 FE(G990E) which is Exynos has SA and I had some test with it.

SA on S21 FE

I understand.

So you mean if I check UEcapability on the cell, which UE sends it to the cell, then there it shall be mentioned if it support SA or not?

Yes, exactly.

So, I have Samsung S21 Exynos and like 4 months I’m trying to attach it to SA cell, no progress.

How do I validate if it is UE issue, if Samsung doesn’t enable SA support?

Must be enabled in Carrier Bundle.

OEMs (Device Manufacturer / Phone vendor) lock which features and RATs are available on what PLMNs based on what has been certified on their devices.

In order to be able to access a SA network on a phone provided by the vendor, in many cases (including yours) the PLMN will have had to have been certified by the OEM.

I understand, but how do I validate this is the case and not other issue? Mean the case is OEM restriction upon PLMN area and not any other issue?

You are saying it’s the phone manufucturer or vendor who enable access for UE to support SA or not, so how do I validate that: if my UE doesn’t support SA or locked for SA?

Generally you work with Engineering Handsets, which are devices provided by the OEM with all the engineering features unlocked and the ability to select features / RATs supported on the device for testing.


So you say my S21 Exynos shall support SA since it is for testing?

Is this (your UE) a device given to you buy the device vendor for testing running a custom firmware?

Just bought the device. Not from the vendor.

The handset / chipset supports SA, however the OEM has not activated SA for your network code.
If you want it activated to support SA testing you’d need to work with the OEM to activate that feature on the PLMN you’re using.