Does new RAN Vendors have future?

New players like Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services, ready to deploy 4G equipment made in house…
Traditional vendors losing business.


In house? What’s going on?

Yes, as per article.

They are not able to scale, they don’t have enough features, no massive MIMO, not enough parameters…
It’s Mickey Mouse for now.

I really think the issue isn’t technical, as usual.
There’s NO active commercial deployment in the World making use of all the “features” operators “ask”, simply because there’s lack of MTP footprint.
Ver,very few devices do support all of the bells and whistles, and capacity and performance will be limited network-wide.

Yes, same feedback coming from Altiostar - only very basic features, just mimo 4x4.
No UL Comp, no eICIC, no Load Based PUCCH, etc.
But due to low cost still operators preferred.

It’s either cost-related or politics-related.

More bend towards cost, as no one care for user quality these days.
No care for end user experience.
Less features, less care.
But operators happy by selling their plans at high cost.
Who cares for end user experience?
That’s why new players entering so quickly in market but very hard to break legacy of 150 years old players.

Yes, unless cost is waaaay more attractive.
It’s a valid philosophy, but I wouldn’t be a subscriber of such a poor quality operator.

You know, massive MIMO is a pain for openRAN too.
It seems to be the bottleneck of their development and progress.

Sure, but even without Open RAN, massive mimo solution is a pain.

5G networks are empty.
I have an iphone 12 (5G) and the rates I’m getting show that.
5G network is unloaded, so i really fail the benefit of MU-MIMO, etc.

Big players also not able to convince customer.
Customer more happy with twin beam antennas instead of massive MIMO.

Customers are happy with the phones they get, not QoE anymore, unfortunate truth.

Massive MIMO I would say not designed for live network with so many clauses.

massive MIMO is a must!
There’s nothing without massive MIMO.
No diversity gain, array gain and spatial multiplexing gain.
Also energy efficiency comes with massive MIMO.

Isn’t there an issue of energy (eletricity) usage to run these Massive panel?
Probably that is putting off customers.

Yes, if we have beautiful arrangement for user having correlation factor maintained, cqi factor maintained they we can expect good pairing to bring max gain with massive MIMO.

Energy is spent in efficient way with massive MIMO.
Even without pairing for MU-MIMO we still get excellent SINR due to massive MIMO.
I mean an AAU has a gain of over 30 dBi.

Network features and UE features must walk side by side.
Buying Network features that aren’t supported or tested could be a risk.
On the case of MMIMO youll need beam refinement very well tuned.