Deploy SA and NSA sites in same cluster

Hi All,
Is it possible to deploy SA and NSA sites in same cluster?
Does handover allowed between NSA and SA? How will it be handled?
How will UE decide cell to select?

It’s possible to HO between SA & NSA cells.

Handover can be inter rat 4G to 5G.

Does it mean UE need to release SCG then HO to SA cell?

UE will handover from 4G LTE MCG to 5G NR SA cell.
It could be possible when NSA deployed for FR1 and SA deployed in FR2.

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In Huawei, command to add neighboring NR cells has parameter which indicate neighboring is SA or NSA.

Ok. It means ENDC part gone, then only 4G to 5G SA HO there.

My query is that if Sgnb added, then how is it handled?
Is it possible (or not) to do from NSA to SA?

Before Handover it may no to release sgnb.

Yes, but I’m not sure if in practice this scenario is possible or not.
Is it deployed anywhere?

In my knowledge, I seen SA cluster separate, and UE will do reselection from 4G to 5G using SIB24.
But it’s not like first ENDC there, then UE go for HO to SA.

If B1 for SA is reported by the ENDC UE, LTE MCG will release SCG then HO UE to 5G SA (assuming SA is higher priority that NSA is configured)
Scenario assumes different B1 events for ENDC and SA can be configured

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