Combined (NR and LTE) PDCP layer throughput

Hi Experts,
As data split at PDCP layer of NR so for combined (NR and LTE) please tell if is not possible to check PDCP layer throughput?
For individual NR and LTE we can check MAC layer.

Yes, PDCP throughput will reflect combined result in case of ENDC.
So, we can check RLC throughput to check LTE and NR contribution.

Yes, NR PDCP will cover both. Anything below RLC (including RLC) will provide separated Throughputs per RAT, you can also sum them.

In the case of SCG split bearer, throughput on PHY, RLC and MAC layer are reported separately for LTE and NR while throughput on higher layer (PDCP) reported for the EN-DC bearer (LTE+NR).

Use the corresponding layer for throughput measurement as agreed with customer – PHY, RLC, MAC, PDCP for NR or LTE