Check if DRC is single UE problem or not from U2020 S1 interface trace

Hello Huawei Experts,
I have high DCR on a certain cell.
Is it possible to conclude if it is a single UE problem or not from U2020 S1 interface trace?

Use FMA tool with CHR logs, it can analyze number of RAB release by user.

I think it needs a certian config, since none of the subnets are appearing… :frowning:

Which tool is that (FMA) you’re using?

Internal FMA in U2020.

Import CHR.

If DCR is high, identify the cell and which raw counter pegged.

There are all abnorm release due to radio.
None of the surrounding sites is down, and main KPIS are the same except for the drops.
This is why I am suspecting a Top UE…

Does it started suddenly your drops in radio?
Availability and VSWR alarms are ok?
RET and RS power too?


Non change in distance trend.


Check normal and abnormal release count.
Have both increased?

Can you check Cell level also and identify one or all cells of same sites Failure increased?

1 cell only.

Your RS power…
Is it same and traffic trend?

18.3 - 3 1

Any high interference?

High interference will do.
Check lst optlog from that time to confirm no changes done.


Will check.

For interference, you can not catch easily, you have monitor constantly and real time.

Is the time advance trend the same?

Yes same @firas_hamak .