Check if DRC is single UE problem or not from U2020 S1 interface trace

For Radio drop due to Coverage issue, you can uptilt Sector but that might be chance of Overshooting as well.

But the time advance trend is the same.

Can you show on which TA you have High Count like as we know 1TA = 78m and so on?
If 6 to 7 TA have some count then might chance that UE located at cell edge.

Routine maintenance in the operation logs. No actions.
I am suspecting 1 UE problem but the tool I used before to check license is temporarily halted.

For Single UE, you can only identify by using FMA.
FMA is an excelllent which you can exactly identify TMSI of UE.

All the below counters have the same trend except the radio reason?


Yes, same.

You can change some parameter to check if your KPI improve…
Tatimer is sf10240 or infinity.
Uplink timer.
If no alarms vswr neighbor issues and rs ret all ok then.

I have available only FMA tool of u2020.

What is eRAB drop percentage now?

It is 0.9%.

You can improve parameters too:

  • Make uplink timer as sf10240.
  • T310 as 2000.
  • And t311 10000.
  • T301 as 1000.
  • And if required on srbprbschswitcg.

Your drop will improve.
If both normal and abnormal release both have increase suddenly play with inactivity timer then and monitor both rrc and drops simultaneously.

Timers changes are almost always prohibited in majority networks.

HOSR impacted?

But why the drop has increased in the first place?

Where us FMA found in u2020

U2000/U2020 Fault Management

Fault Management describes operations about how to monitor the status of a network, find the causes of the faults on the network, and then rectify the faults by following the maintenance procedure.

The fault management feature enables users to minimize the effects of the faults on network services.

U2000/U2020 Fault Management consists of six parts: Alarm Management, Notifications, FARS, Northbound Interface Trace, FMA, and EMS FMA.

But i am not sure it can be used to trace individual UE…