Carrier Aggregation possible bands in EN-DC 5G NSA

Hi Experts.

Can someone can confirm Carrier Aggregation feature possible bands in EN-DC 5G NSA?

Depending on phone type you will find all combinations on

You have also filters there for 4G and 5G bands so you can filter only phones that support specific bands in LTE and NR.

Thanks Mate. Great info.

Could you please help me understand how to read this?


In EN-DC UE supports 20+7+3 in LTE-CA and in PSCELL having NR3 + NR78?

No it is LTE 20+7+7+3 and NR is n78.

Ah, got it.

And in the MIMO part, can you confirm?
L20 2x, L7 x4, L7 x4, L3 x4, N78 x4?

Yes, correct.

Make sure you check UL column too to know anchor bands for LTE, example if UL-band(s) 3_n78 then requirement is Band 3 and n78 and all other band(s) are optional additions. Example in the site most of Qualcomm UE’s list are in combined format.