Call setup failure due to RRC rejection on good radio condition

Hi experts,
Can you help please with reason of RRC rejection.
Even on good radio condition many call setup failure due to RRC rejection.
Vendor is Huawei.

What is the reason of the rejection?

I want to know what could be.
Coverage and quality Is good.

Rejection is not related to radio conditions, check the congestion/load/alarms on the cell/site.

All thing are clear, TCP is OK, RTWP is also OK. No alarms.

number of users
No congestion at all?

Can you dril RRC Rejection for cause of rejection?
Then check CPU load.

KPIs are OK.

VSWR on the serving cell?

What is the reason for RRC drop? For me bit difficult to see.

What does 00000010 message means?
I am confuse weather it is IMSI issue.

Yes site health us fine.

Ok. Why do not check this on performance counters?
Better to query RRC failure and rejection counters in M2000 or PRS.

Failure is not shown in 3g OSS.
Can it be IMSI issue?

Check the congestion reasons from OSS, admission failure and failures after admission, and reset the site.
Could be hanging resources (do you have sleeping cells counter)?

As I check rrc rejection in kpi are not shown but in DT out Call setup failure of some cell . In above Pic I am confuse may be it is Imsi issue?

Check the cell configuration may be there is Problem in definition
If you have an issue in configuration so you will notice that RRC att numbers is much larger than RAB att numbers

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If you dont have fail in counters, check a trace of your mobil, in this file you can check reason

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Do the rejection /blocking occured during the HO?
Or normal access to the network?
Drill down in OSS KPIs to ROP values (15 minutes wherw the problem occurred durkng thw Drive test and check all congestion/admission and accessible KPIs).
Anyway, performing reset could solve if hanging resources/SW exists on the site.
Otherwise it could be instantaneous congestion (power/code… during the DT).
You can perform the Drive Test again and check the network behavior.

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