CA observations

Hi All,

If CA working on site, below few observations:

  1. GBR data flow on Pcell only.
  2. PDCCH signalling through Pcell and Scell also possible depends on implementation.
  3. Scell carry non GBR data.
  4. UL data and signalling on Pcell.
  5. We can use separate HARQ feedback for Pcell and Scell using PUCCH format 1B.

Any additional inputs can be added/corrected by other experts?

  1. RACH, RLM, Handover is performed on PCell only.
  2. For 3CC CA and above, PUCCH format 3 is required.
  3. SCell can be added/release/change. SCell handover is not possible.
  4. If UL CA is enabled, max 2CC UL CA is used. UL Scell is always choosen from DL scell.
  5. LTE DC is also possible, i.e. CA between # eBS.

Fortunately, many concept between CA and ENDC are same.