Brazil Mobile Operators - Map with Location of all Stations (Sites ANATEL)


This is the download page for the Google Earth Map with geo information of all Sites (Stations) for All Brazilian Mobile Operators.

You can find more information about this module at: (only in portuguese)

Update: You can find source code here

Download: (6.1 MB)


Dear Mr Pedrini,

Is there a datasource with all these base stations including their MNC, LAC and CID?

Thanks a lot in advance.

These are Design Information… And it’s not shared (not public info)

Please, could you help me with the availability of the most up-to-date anatal brazil tower base? For example December / 17

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Please, can anyone help in this update?

SO, You must go on the website of and take download the database the whole site in Brazil .

I hope have help you!

Sorry , :smile:

Here you go:

Does anyone have the KMZ ERB BRAZIL 2019?

The best way to get Brazil cell towers location is to visit Brazil’s Regulator page:

You can download data (Excel) and use Hunter KML Plotter to plot it to KMZ (Google Earth)

any map of other country? thx,