Aggregation level1 in 5G PDCCH

Hi All,
Question about 5G PDCCH aggregation level.
Why in drive tests or during demo we don’t see aggregation level1?
It is always 2, 4, 8 or 16… but it is never 1.
Why is this so?

I remember Huawei says minimum agg2 supported.

Ok, that’s Huawei. How about other vendors?
Anyone from Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, ZTE to confirm if they support aggregation level1 in NR?

Samsung also disabled agg1 in LTE NR both.
They provided it on customer demand.

For Nokia in 5G19 it is possible to have from 1CCE; up to 16CCEs.
In fact it is configurable from the parameter: aggregationLevel at NRCELL object.

Thank you.
Will check some Nokia logs to see if I get agglvl1.
In Huawei never see agglvl1 for 5G.
Never ever.

But this one should be dynamic based on RF.
No single value possible per cell.

This is for 5G19, I don’t know if for 5G20A/B the Link Adaptation changed:

PDCCH: the aggregation level for all UES in the cell is configured by O&M parameter.
Measurements provided by the UEs and the gNB are not taken into account for the selection of user-individual aggregationleves.
So far, no Link Adaptation for PDCCH.

Weird, how can one single value satisfy excellent RF and poor RF PDCCH aggregation level?

Not possible, since RF conditions change.

I’m reading all… thinking same… let me check parameter description.
Agg level for LTE is dynamic.

Meantime I checked one Nokia log by my phone Xiaomi with x50 does not report aggregation level.
So no idea how is it.

OK, please check NR.

At least for Nokia (on 5GNR SA), AL is dynamic.

Currently it’s fix for NSA, what used 4 cces.
Agg level 4.

Still not supporting dynamc AL?

But @rvereza just said that for Nokia SA aggregation level is dynamic!

Last year still fixed.

Aggregation level is Dynamic.

What do you mean Dynamic or Static?

AL varies following RF conditions.

Which Release are you talking for PDCCH Link Adaptation Dynamic?