Aggregation level1 in 5G PDCCH

For 5G21A.

Ok, for 5G19A the name of the feature was 5GC000517
Do you know for 5G21A, what is the code?

I m finding for SA as well it’s fixed.


For paging, si, ra i.e. pdcch type 0, 0a etc… all can have fixed agg level.
Mostly we start from agg level 4.

Yep. This is configurable. On our case we tested from AL1-AL8.

We are using single ofdm symbol for pdcch.
@rvereza, as mentioned for SA it’s dynamic.
Please tell SW release, I will check.

We’re using: 5G21A.

Ok then possible?
I think SA possible with FR1 only as of now.

Yes, this was tested on N71.

Adaptive PDCCH symbol configuration.
(5GC002469) comes in 5G20B ( already available).

Any specific reason for not using Agg level 1 in LTE?
In Huawei, Agr Level 1 is being used in LTE.

In LTE there is no aggregation level 16.
Maybe RF conditions are never so good to use agg level 1.

Yes, correct.

Its not limitation. It’s vendors choice.
AL1 will have higher code rate.
So posibility of PDCCH decoding failure is high.
It can be use only in very good RF condition.

Yes, but it can limit the no of users that can be scheduled per TTI.

For Huawei there is no pressure to have agglvl1.
They have 4 pdcch layers for mu-mimo so plenty of pdcch capacity.

I am talking about LTE…

In congested LTE NW, DL is PRB limited not CCE limited.
UL is CCE limited and not PRB limited.
And result with AL1 enabled are not much encouraging.
So…disabled AL1.
This is in general…

It’s true especially for TDD.