6G initial phase

Anyone working on 6G initial phase here?
Seems 6G start picking momentum soon…
What will be lifecycle of 4G and 5G technology down the line?

Depends on Elon Musk… :smile:

Actually all driven from USA for telecom tech, how fast it pick up there.

Not all the time…

Even 5G not here but race of 6G started…

Telecom has changed the goal post from US to China somewhere.
Which we should accept.

Yes, there is stong battle to be on top…but China is already leading it.

Yes China also in race.

And bitter truth, we are more hungry about innovation, than the reality.
NR is still not existing…and 6G…huh… :grinning:
There are many topologies around the globe who havent been able to fulfill the market with LTE.

It’s about icon appearing on phone that show technology status :grin: like 5g icon but reality different.

Investments in 5G were (and are) huge but revenue is still missing.

Starlink has potential to wipe off TELECOM …but with huge investments …the telecom industry may not let that happen so soon.

True. So we are just running for the icing on the cake… but the cake is missing :grinning:

MNOs cannot find use cases for 5G, so no revenue from 5G other then off loading 4G sites.
Somebody will have to pay the bill for 5G, which is huge.

I got call from one USA friend asking how to switch off 5G icon as now USA users not liking 5g icon as they find it lead to low throughput :grin:.

Let’s be true here… NB-IoT, Cat-M are also not getting the pac they were expected to have.
I understand they will rise definitely… but not in very close times.

This is because PCC + 4SCC gives higher throughput than LTE anchor + 5G.

Some penalty clause ongoing in USA for 5G icon.

Also because 5G was deployed as DSS, which is a huge mistake in my opinion.

Yes, it was done by ATT I think, just to show leading the race against T-Mobile.
They enable 5G icon on 4G… and T-Mobile dragged them in court.

Yes, this is actual reason for poor experience with 5G in USA.
LTE Anchor + carrier w/dss is giving more tput than LTE anchor + Same carrier with DSS.