5G Throughput KPI Analysis : User Throughput vs Cell Throughput

A common question I get is the explanation of 5G Throughput KPI and the differences between 5G User Throughput vs 5G Cell Throughput KPIs. So, this session explains the 5G Throughput KPI and its working in detail. It is important to understand how the 5G Throughput is pegged and also the major differences between 5G UE Throughput and 5G Cell Throughput. The session also explains the significance of the difference between the two Throughput KPIs and how this can be used to make optimum traffic steering decisions.

Youtube: 5G Throughput KPI Analysis : Cell Throughput & UE Throughput - YouTube


Thanks @AliKhalid, really great summary / explanations !!

We also had a very long (and useful) discussion here about it here in the forum: User Throughput versus Cell throughput

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