5G PT-RS frequency density and time density in FR2

For 5G PT-RS in FR2, If we set frequency density Kref =2 and time density Lptrs = 1 the PT-RS will be transmitted or not?

To be clear, I need to make time density to be low since high density in the time domain produces a phase noise.

So, is it better to choose 2 or 4?

I think it should be transmitted, as 3GPP specifies time density to be {1,2,4} and frequency density to be {2,4}.

In that case 2 would be a better choice, as higher time density of PTRS would lead to more accurate phase noise estimation.

For frequency density as 2 and time density as 1, right?

Yes, I think so.

Phase noise is better compensated with high density in time rather than in freq domain.

So which shall I used? Lptrs = 1 and kef = 2?

You should use 1 means every symbol PTRS will be transmitted.
Yes no doubt that overhead will increase but gives better result in phase noise.

So Lptrs = 1 is better for time?

Yes, correct.

What about frequency?
Kptrs= 2 or 4?
I think 4 is better?

4 means every 4 RB it will be tramsmitted.

Yes, correct.

So if you want more PTRS then use 2.

Kptrs = 2 provides high density than 4.

But not much impact in freq domain.
Yes correct 2 means every 2nd RB so density is high.

But, I think 2 is better because use more PTRS in resource block to avoid phase noise.

So, 2 is better to choose?
I just want to try avoid the phase noise since I am just simulate the design system.

Yes, correct.

And Lptrs = 1.

Yes, correct.

Great, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

When I compute the BER and Throughput, it will get a good performance?