5G PT-RS frequency density and time density in FR2

It should give… I have not tried on live network.

To be clear, I am simulating PDSCH throughput in MATLAB using 5G toolbox.
Because I am doing a thesis of it.
I have to claim that which one is the better way to perform and avoid any kind of noise and interference such as ISI, ICI, and phase noise.

Okay, I think it depends on MCS value also so need to check other parameters also.

Here is the point, I will use MCS Index From MCS Table 1 (TS38.214):

  • MCS 7 (QPSK),
  • MCS 16 (16QAM),
  • MCS 22 (64QAM),

From MCS Table 2 (TS38.214):

  • MCS 27 (256QAM)

Those MCS I will use it for my thesis.
PT-RS is only operated in FR2 range.

OK, use it and share your result after simulation.

With Lptrs = 1 and Kptrs = 2?
And try with Lptrs = 2 and Kptrs =2 also?

Yes so with lptrs 1 you should get good output compared to lptrs 2

I think. But, I will try both and I will shared to conclude.

For more details on PTRS and it’s mapping, please checkout