5G NSA UEs outperforming 5G SA UEs


With NW evolutions we are having a challenge that NSA UEs are outperforming SA UEs.

Anybody who have gone through this challenge?

Can you please share your findings and actions to overcome?

Isn’t this expected?

For eMBB this is well known that NSA UE gives better tput than SA, specially in mid band.

Yes, but we need to have some good ideas / actions being taken to overcome these challenges.

Until NR CA for SA has at least 3 or 4 CCs, NSA will always beat in peak throughput

5G SA has one main benefit against 5G NSA networks - it is 5G Core.
In case of 5G NSA, 5G BS is only a “smart” pipe for traffic and nothing else.
In case of 5G SA, 5G base station could be used in a more “advanced” way, for example it could be a part of E2E Network Slicing and provide services which could not be provided by 5G BS in NSA mode.

I am not talking about 5G Dual Connectivity (NR-DC). In most of the cases, Thr will be much higher than in EN-DC mode.