5G NSA Non Standalone - Registration Call Flow | ENDC Registration | Dual connectivity

:point_right: i All, in this video:

  • 5G Non Standalone -Registration Call Flow
  • ENDC=eNB +gNB dual connectivity
  • Wireless School, 5G-NR Non-standalone access call flows
  • Attach Call Flow
  • How network registration happens between Phone and Network

5G NR-NSA E2E Registration call Flow in details with Complete Information Elements.

  • 5G NR NSA Registration/Attach Call Flow
  • 5G NON Stand Alone
  • 5G NSA Registration Call Flow
  • OTA messages
  • RRC Connection Request
  • RACH Procedure in NSA MODE
  • Authentication and NAS Security in 5G
  • Why UE sends UE Capability twice in NSA mode
  • Open RAN
  • 5G explained
  • 5G technology explained
  • GSM architecture
  • NGAP Signaling for UE Registration
  • 5G-LTE+NR - Initial Attach
  • NSA Initial Attach Sequence
  • Registration in 5G
  • Advantage of using NSA

Watch on YouTube: :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6SBI5yvT7A

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