5G NSA eNB and gNB from different vendors

Huawei has it since 3 years ago.

It means that it is possible to have UE control plane on one vendor and the user plane on the other vendor in an NSA scenario, right?

Ask Huawei for a trial license and they will provide you with all details.

Both vendors need get involved to provide technical support.

Thanks all.

Yes i have experience in this regard.

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I implement 5G NSA from Ericsson 5G to Huawei 4G and vice versa, from Huawei 5G to Ericsson 4G.

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Hi. In which country do you have this setting enabled commercially?

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I have also implemented the same between Nokia gNB and Huawei eNB. I know similar thing was successfully done between Huawei gNB and Nokia eNB/Ericsson eNB.