5G NSA 2nd carrier (N66) without DSS, not carrying traffic

5G NSA 2nd carrier (N66) without DSS, not carrying traffic.
Ericsson system.
Any idea?

Do you see B1 event in logs or is it a blind setup?

2nd carrier has RACH attempt but 0 msg3 success.
1st carrier (n850) is perfecly fine.

From logs, from drive test or from counters?

From counters.
Drive Test not scheduled yet.
Once we get (EndcSetupScgUeAtt) and RACH success then we will plan.

Could you please provide strategy setting?
Is it SA or NSA?
If NSA, which is having high EN DC priority?
If SA, then what is the camping and mobility strategy?
If NSA, then we need to check UE capability for those NR band CA support N850 + N66.

Hi @ajaymsfather.
It’s NSA, UEs are capable in this area for N66 band.
Please let me know if i need to check any spefic feature, license or anchoring parameter related to N66 band.

It means RACH are failing either at message 2 (UE is not able to decode message 2 PDCCH and PDSCH, that will transmit the TA, MSg3 grant and T-RNTI) or message 3 does not reach gNodeB even after n HARQ retransmissions.

You should involve vendor and have some vendor OSS traces. Or take a drive test to see what is going on.
What is your downtilt for the cell, check basic things like RSRP, RSRQ of SSB.

Thanks, let me send Driver Test first and will see if it is getting the data speed on N66.

Confirm cellrange is configured properly

Call test passed.