5G NR-SA measurements analysis

Hello all.
Please see bellow image from 5G measurements.
Do you see anything wrong related to serving and detected beams and PCIs?
This picture is from NSguru handset tool and measurements are updated each second or so on the main screen.

What I find it to be odd: first of all serving PCI + beam 157 + 4 is weaker than detected PCI + beam 157 + 3. This is not normal.
Second issue there is lot of pollution i.e. too many PCIs within 5 dB window of RSRP (157,156,220) which clearly means an area not optimized.

Will beam interfer within same PCI i.e. same cell or between different PCI it will interfer considering same band no.
Any chance of mod PCI clash here like LTE mod 3 clashes?

I think chances that 2 beams from 2 different pcis to be active are quite reduced.
But serving PCI and beam should always be the strongest one.
For SSB I think PCIs need to be cleared mod4.
For DMRS need to be cleared mod3.

PBCH DMRS follows PCI mod 4 rule.

SSB DMRS needs to be cleared mod 4.
But PDSCH DMRS need to be cleared mod 3.

It is possible that during initial beam selection 157+4 was stronger and eventually 157+3 is getting stronger.
And screenshot taken just before beam update?

This beam change intra PCI should happen as fast as every 20 msec.
This is how fast the UE measures and evaluate all beams.
SSB periodicity is 20 msec.

There must be a difference the way ENDC UE measures SSB RSRP and Scanner receiver measures SSB RSRP in terms of measurements per second.
Could that be a possibility why connected beam index RSRP is lower than detected beam index RSRP?

This is just UE measurement, not scanner measurement.

Hi , please how you solved that problem? appreciated if you can explain and clarify how did you solved that issue …more to learn the concept of the solution for that issue.

The issue is you were having one beam stronger than other beam in same PCI Yes?

Thanks alot