“5G NR Bearer Drop” with SCG failure “randomAccessProblem”

In 5G DT analysis facing frequent “5G NR Bearer Drop” with SCG failure information pointed towards “randomAccessProblem”
Any insights on this type of failure?

So you mean ENDC setup is happening but sometimes SCG failure is seen?

If RLF occur due to random access problem then failureType set as randomAccessProblem.
Ex. Lets say UE is in connected mode but not uplink synchronized i.e. timeAlignmentTimer expired before RRC Inactivity timer.
In this case if there is some uplink traffic then UE will start RACH procedure and during this time if RACH gets failed on NR cell then UE will trigger the SCG failure.

During Mobility, this will happen due to Beam Failure or RACH failures due to UL Data Arrival.

I think this is when you have 5G coverage holes you will get this type of messages quite often.

Just curious to know, is your NR drop happening when LTE anchor is changed and the new LTE CELL is not configured to be an anchor for the initial NR cell?