5G Coverage Hole issues

Hi All,
What are the main reasons to N.NsaDc.SgNB.AbnormRel.Radio.UeLost?
Is it due to Coverage?
Vendor is Huawei.

Generally coverage.

This suggests that there are plenty of 5G coverage holes (apart from the fact that 5G coverage does not match 4G coverage and different 4G anchors are needed for one single 5G serving cell)/

If coverage hole is of 5G, so how SgNB release can be saved with different anchor here?
Assuming UE location is same?

Generally for NSA 5G coverage does not match 4G coverage and different 4G anchors are needed for one single 5G serving cell.
For some scenarios Tilt and Azimuth are adjustable.

Adjutable tilt you mean like RET?
Adjustable Azimuth is very new…

No miracle, it’s normal for beamforming.

But the more you play with tilts and azimuths the more you lose on gain.
So better use mechanical tilt and mechanical azimuth.
Typical gain of an AAU is 27-33 dB.

How about number of SSB beams?

Number of SSB beams is stipulated by 3GPP to be 4, 8 or 64 depends on band.
But I have seen other values too.

This is max number as declared by 3GPP, but I think it also depend on RU capability.

What is max SSB beams of mmWave you have seen?
FR1, I see almost 7.

mmWave is not adopted much.
It’s basically a waste of time and money.
n78 is still the best trade-off between coverage and capacity in 5G.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/video/live/urn:li:ugcPost:6775054829325709312/

UE supporting mmW just ~ 20%.
If operators invest in mmW, they can not earn much money…

Yes. But again: how new anchor will solve issue?

New anchor will not solve 5G coverage holes.
But more 4G anchors will boost/extend the 5G coverage.
Sometimes one need 6-7 4G anchors for a single 5G cell.

Yes, but not beyond natural cell edge of 5G.

mmWave adoption is probably slow because band hasn’t been auctioned in all regions, in my view.

mmWave equipment FR2 is more expensive than 5G equipment in FR1 and provides less coverage.

Not to mention when it is raining you can kiss good bye the 5G coverage in mmWave.
Have a look at this picture:

And it’s not just rain, it’s also snow, foliage, vegetation, etc.

There’s a huge link budget issue for FR2 compared to FR1.
Basically there’s no mmWave in deep indoor no matter what.
Only outdoor and indoor what gets inside from one window.

I think that’s why SA deployed with FR1 only. :slight_smile:

FR2 is usefull for stadiums and events in indoor (covered from indoor radiation of AAU).
But otherwise it does not penetrate vegetation, foliage, snow, rain, etc.

Only for hotspots like cafe etc, big auditorium, open campus, etc.
Not for normal clutter like road, resential area, etc.