3CC on the LTE + NR. Tx Ant = 8?

Y mobile uses ENDC normally, and CA on the NR side

If you connect with a terminal with a configuration that does 3CC on the LTE + NR side, you might get 3 on the NR side as well.

3CC on the LTE + NR

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First this is not 3CC [NR Leg] has Primary SSB ARFCN: n77
+ SCC :660768

So this is 2CC On NR Leg
+ LTE Leg : B3: EARFCN 1675

If I am predicting well this B3 + N77 Combination.

And answer to this question is this is implementation based on NR Leg there will be 2CC carriers.

This can be anyways OEM will decide.:sunflower:

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