2G and 3G Shutdown

Germany too since last year. All operators.

I would say 2G will stay for another 5 years or more.

As rightly said ATM swipe card machine and other devices still uses 2G. Even in India many remote places they don’t have 3G or 4G coverage, at those places 2g is the only option. So converting those sites to 4G or later Gen is time consuming and costly.

I am more worry about emergency calling what is very important work to get help when needed. Example in US you may not call to emergency due many issues in UE’s VoLTE issues: The Potential Perils of 2G and 3G Switch Offs - EENA

Sweden and Norway have planed shutdown 2G in 2025. 3G before that: Avveckling av 2G- och 3G-nät | PTS

So 2G/3G off Asia and America likely end of 2025. Then Europe follows 2025-2030.

Does anyone know for 2G shutdown network, how many % of 2G traffic in their network?

You must get it in KPIs, but in my case the GSM voice traffic is around 20%.

Does the hardware and components parts still available in case there’s a failure or require replacement?

Definitely , till we have users, we’ll have hardware also.

But over the time their availability will reduce, just to motivate people and users to move to higher generation.

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3G sunsets are near in Sweden, but 3G still represented near 11% of all voice minutes in 1H 2022 according to new stats from @PTSse today. VoLTE now 82%.

3G sunsets are near in Sweden

Source: https://twitter.com/tefficient/status/1595411746507919364

3G devices stop working as companies switch off networks: Here’s what you need to know

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Status of 2G and 3G sunsets (Feb 2023)

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Vodafone to Start Switching Off Rest of UK 3G Network from June 2023

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3G wireless is dead — What is the impact?

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22 telcos complete 3G shutdown as 41 target 2030

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VMO2 calls time on 3G


Sunsetting 2G and 3G could leave IoT and roamers in the dark:


The World is phasing out both 2G and 3G.

However, some are concerned that the shutdown could leave some people without internet access.

IoT devices that roam could be impacted due to 3G-only SIM cards.

Another 3G network is no more:

Digi shuts down 3G network in Romania

Digi, Romania’s largest cellular network, has shut down its 3G network. This means that all Digi subscribers now have access to 4G and 4G+. The move was to free up 800 MHz spectrum for better mobile services.