ZTE: Number of E-RAB Release by ENB Through E-RAB Release Procedure due to Redirection

What is the meaning this kpi (Number of E-RAB Release by UL HARQ FAIL) on zte.
What parameters can reduce ?

UE in weaker coverage may require an increased number of re-transmissions.
check value of harqMaxTxNumEMTC

yeah. i noticed the failures were directly proportional to Number of E-RAB Release due to RLF triggered by Poor Uu Quality.

@cheikh789 , does ZTE have a timer associated with waiting for these transmissions.

For RLF,check below

Also improve HO (to be fast)
thresholdOfRSRP A2

What are the ranges for this values. The ZTE LTE TDD parameter document on scribd is missing descriptions.

maxRetxThrd doesn’t exist on ZTE

check in RLCPara :MO

below parameter

Parameter Range
t310_Ue 0[0],50[1],100[2],200[3],500[4],1000[5],2000[6]
t311_Ue 1000[0],3000[1],5000[2],10000[3],15000[4],20000[5],30000[6]
n310 1[0],2[1],3[2],4[3],6[4],8[5],10[6],20[7]
n311 1[0],2[1],3[2],4[3],5[4],6[5],8[6],10[7]
maxRetxThrd 1[0],2[1],3[2],4[3],6[4],8[5],16[6],32[7]
a3Offset [-15…15],step=0.5
thresholdOfRSRP [-140…-43]

m not finding MO relating to RLC. maybe it hidden in TDD system.